HB 757

CLIO: Silver, Integrated Campaign, Public Service
CLIO: Bronze, Poster, Public Service
OMMA: Online Marketing, Causes/Charity/Non-Profit Organization Website
IAB MIXX: Silver, Public Service

In a nutshell, HB 757 was a GA bill that intended to legalize discrimination. Luckily, Governor Nathan Deal had enough sense to veto the bill before it became a law. Before the veto, a few of us at Digitas wanted to stir the pot and make our own waves with this issue. 

Since many local businesses threatened to leave the city if this bill passed into law, we decided that the most attention could be grabbed by becoming a fake company that intends the thrive off of this new law. By giving the public a glimpse into the grotesque future that HB 757 could bring, we raised awareness and generated heated conversations / action across the city. 

I designed the website and most the of signs being sold on the satirical storefront. I worked with a copywriter and the creative director for campaign strategy and planning. 

Art Director: Jessica Larkin
Copywriter: Brandon George
Art Director: Ryan Kenny
Creative Director: Michael Ashley