Greetings! I'm Jessica: an avid visual adventurer who chases down challenges that both intrigue and terrify me. I believe that saying YES to most situations will lead you to meet amazing people and do great things. Never turn down an opportunity that scares you. Take it on and you'll learn a lot about yourself. 

I'm what some people may call, "comedically inclined." I like making people laugh and embodying the positive ions in any situation. I've been told that I light up the room and I have a good presence, which is insanely flattering. My love of puzzle-solving led me to be a designer professionally and has been a key player in my networking skills. I love helping people and making connections. 

My general interests include video games, improv comedy, animals (both wild and domestic), board games, card games, filmmaking, cooking, eating all the Japanese & Korean food I can find, hanging out with my adorable canine companion, Lupa, and training my white cat, Mei, to poop in a toilet. 

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